SafeThessaloniki 2022 Policies & Terms of Use

SafeThessaloniki 2022 is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants.

Decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the submitted extended abstracts (papers) will be taken after review process from members of the Scientific Committee. Abstracts will be inserted for review under the condition they fall in the Conference topics, have submitted within the deadline and follow the suggested text template.

The accepted papers will be included in the Conference Program under the condition that the first author or a co-author has registered. A registered author may participate as first author or co-author in up to two papers. Members of the Conference Committees are entitled for free participation in up to two papers. Participation in more than two papers, including Members of the Conference Committees, is possible under the condition that another co-author has registered.

All the papers accepted after the above procedures will be included in the Conference Program and the Proceedings.

Conference registration is a prerequisite for any form of participation with the exception of committee members.

SafeThessaloniki 2022 is committed to include the registered participants submitted and accepted extended abstracts to the conference proceedings issue.

Privacy Policy

At SafeThessaloniki 2022 we respect your privacy. SafeThessaloniki 2022 is committed to protecting the privacy of its pariticipiants, sponsors, volunteers, members of committeess, and other contacts.


This privacy policy applies to all personal data processed by the members of committeess, volunteers when acting on behalf of SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece, contractors and partners doing business on behalf of SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece, as well as all legal entities, all operating locations in all countries, and all business processes conducted by SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece.

What information do we collect?

SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece collect the following personal data in line with the use purposes explained in a subsequent section:

  • - Your name
  • - Your e-mail address
  • - Your phone number
  • - Your Affiliation
  • - Purchasing and payment information (such as VAT number etc)
  • - Registration and participation in SafeThessaloniki 2022 and/or other SafeGreece activities
  • - Information about the device(s) you use
  • - Information about service usage
  • - Cookies
  • - Location information
  • - Author and peer review information
  • - Other information you upload or provide to us

How do we use your information?

SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece uses your personal information for the following purposes:

To process transactions. SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece use personal information such as name, telephone number, email address, and company/institution to engage in interactions with you, including contacting you about your order, donation, subscription, event participation, or membership. We use payment information to process your registration and may need to share some of this information other third parties (such as Paypal) to complete the transaction.

To provide support or other services. SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece may use your personal information to provide you with support or other services that you have ordered or requested. They may also use your personal information to respond directly to your requests for information, including registrations for newsletters, webinars, or other specific requests.

To provide information and respond to your requests. SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece may use your personal information to provide you with notices regerding the Confernece processes of new event announcements.

To communicate with you about the conference, or other upcoming events. We may communicate with you about a meeting, conference, or event hosted or co-sponsored by SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece or one of our associates. This may include information about the event's content, event logistics, payment, updates, and additional information related to the event.

To include you in SafeThessaloniki 2022 attendees in procedures before, during and after the Conference and share with you the Conference Proceedings.

To include you in SafeThessaloniki 2022 Speakers / Poster authors and allow the Scientific Committee to review your presentation and -in case it will be needed- to communicate with you purposing possible improvements.

To assist in your participation in SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece activities. SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece will communicate with you, if you are participating in certain SafeGreece activities such as SafeGreece conferences, field trips, authoring or reviewing an SafeGreece speech or poster or any other kind of SafeGreece activities. SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece may send you information such as newsletters related to those activities.

To protect SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece content and services. We may use your information to prevent potentially illegal activities and to enforce our terms and conditions. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect and address anomalous activity and to screen content to prevent abuse, such as spam.

We will not share, sale or pass your personal information to companies or other third parties without your written permission.

How can you control your information?

You can control the information we have about you and how we use by sending us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You could also ask for your information record to be deleted from the list regarding all the upcoming events or activities

Visual Personal data

Visual material (photographic and video) to be produced during the Conference and its works. Your participation in the Conference presupposes your consent to any potential publication of this for the Conference and the actions of Safe Greece promotional reasons.

Personal data about minors and children

SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece do not knowingly collect data from or about children under 16 without the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s). If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under 16, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under age 16, please contact us.

How will you know if the Privacy Policy is changed?

SafeThessaloniki 2022 or SafeGreece may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes we will notify you by email. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

Technical and regulatory information

Logging practices

SafeThessaloniki 2022 automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors. The IP address is a unique number assigned to every computer on the internet. Generally, an IP address changes each time you connect to the internet (it is a "dynamic" address). Note, however, that if you have a broadband connection, depending on your individual circumstance, the IP address that we collect may contain information that could be deemed identifiable. This is because, with some broadband connections, your IP address doesn't change (it is "static") and could be associated with your personal computer.

As well as recording the IP addresses of users, SafeThessaloniki 2022 may also keep track of sites that users visited immediately prior to visiting SafeThessaloniki 2022 website and the search terms they used to find it. We keep track of the pages visited on SafeThessaloniki 2022 website, the amount of time spent on those pages and the types of searches done on them. Your searches remain confidential and anonymous. SafeThessaloniki 2022 uses this information only for statistical purposes to find out which pages users find most useful and to improve the website.

SafeThessaloniki 2022 also captures and stores information that you transmit. This may include:

  • Browser/Device type/version
  • Operating system used
  • Media Access Control (MAC) address
  • Date and time of the server request
  • Volume of data transferred

External links behavior

Our websites (safeThessaloniki .gr and may link to other sites created and maintained by other public- and/or private-sector organizations. SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece provide these links solely for your information and convenience. When you transfer to an outside website, you are leaving the SafeThessaloniki 2022 / and SafeGreece domains, and SafeThessaloniki 2022 / and SafeGreece information management policies no longer apply. SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece encourage you to read the privacy statement of each external website that you visit before you provide any personal data.

Cookies and web beacons

Cookies and web beacons are electronic placeholders that are placed on your device by websites to track your individual movements on that website over time. SafeThessaloniki 2022 uses both session-based cookies (which last only for the duration of the user's session) and persistent cookies (which remain on your device and provides information about the session you are in and waits for the next time you use that site again).

These cookies and web beacons provide useful information to SafeThessaloniki 2022, enabling us to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user's access to and use of our sites, allows us to track usage behavior, and to balance the usage of our websites on all SafeThessaloniki 2022 and SafeGreece web servers.

Tracking cookies, third-party cookies, and other technologies such as web beacons may be used to process additional information, enable non-core functionalities on the SafeThessaloniki 2022 website and enable third-party functions (such as a social media "share" link). We may also include web beacons and other similar technology in promotional email messages to determine whether the messages have been opened.

Responses to legal requests

SafeThessaloniki 2022 reserves the right to share your information to respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.

In the event of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. The promises in this privacy policy will apply to your information as transferred to the new entity.

Your European Union privacy rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679) (also known as GDPR), if you are an individual protected by the GDPR you may have certain rights as a data subject. To request information about or avail yourself of those rights, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "GDPR Request" in the subject line. In the email please describe, with specificity, the GDPR right you are requesting assistance with.

How do I contact you if there is an issue?

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the use of your personal information, please feel free to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.