Best Paper Award

An Award was given for the best paper presented during the 9 th International Conference on New Technologies  & Civil Protection"#SafeThessaloniki2022", Thessaloniki, 29 Sept. – 1 Oct., 2022.

After an evaluation from the side of the Conference Scientific Committee the Award was presented to Dr. Ch. Stefanis and co-authors for their work on "Epidimiological Surveillance Reports on Covid-19 in Greece-Sentiment Analysis and Public Perception Based on Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Network" (co-authors: Ch. Stefanis, E. Giorgi, K. Kalentzis, A. Tselemponis, E. Nena, Ch. Tsigalou, Ch. Kontogiorgis, Y. Kourkoutas, E. Chatzaki, I. Dokas, Th. C. Constantinidis).

The Award in accompanied with a prize of 500 CHF offered by the reputable scientific journal “Applied Sciences” from MDPI.