An Award was given for the best paper presented during the 9 th International Conference on New Technologies  & Civil Protection"#SafeThessaloniki2022", Thessaloniki, 29 Sept. – 1 Oct., 2022.

The Organizing Committee announces that the journal “Applied Sciences” of the MDPI Publisher offers an award of 500 CHF (Swiss Francs) for the publication after peer review of the best paper presented during the Conference SafeThessaloniki 2022. The winner is optional to submit the presentation-related paper to our journal Applied Sciences after the conference.

Please complete the form until Wednesday 28 September, at 21:00 if you are interested to participate in this competition (invited talks are excluded). The form should be completed by the oral presenters only. The Scientific Committee of SafeThessaloniki 2022 will finally decide the best oral presentation

Public services involved in crisis management and disaster response across the EU use organizational procedures regulated by national legislation or internal rules. On the other hand, although cross-border incidents require international cooperation, the lack of standardized protocols can jeopardize the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and sub-optimize the use of the resources.