Special Sessions

  • Turkey-Syria Earthquake 2023: special features, lessons learned

  • Region of Attica: Risks, Prevention Actions, Adaptation to Climate Crisis

  • Volunteerism: Problems, Challenges and Proposals

  • Climate Crisis: Resilience, Adaptation, Good Practices

Regular Sessions

  • Natural Disasters: causes, prevention, management, good practices, lessons learned

  • Technological & Man-made Disasters: causes, prevention, management, good practices, lessons learned

  • Natech (Mixed Natural & Technological) Disasters: causes, prevention, management, good practices, lessons learned

  • Marine, Road, and Air Accidents: Prevention and management, lessons learned

  • Innovative technology and methods on disaster study, prevention and management
    (Decision Support Systems, 3D-Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Applications, Remote Sensing etc)

  • COVID-19: studies, actions, good practices, consequences, challenges

  • Multi-hazard Crisis Management

  • Prediction and Forecasting / Early Warning Systems: (meteorology, climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.): technology, applications, crisis management, methods, success-stories, lessons learned, social dimensions

  • Standardization

  • Human Activity and its impact on Natural Phenomena (Hydrocarbon Research, Mining etc)

  • Biodiversity: the impact of Climate Change/Crisis and of destructive Phenomena on Biodiversity

  • Security: Critical Infrastructure protection from malicious actions, terrorist acts management, Cyberprotection

  • Crises Management Issues

  • Institutional & Legislative Framework for Civil Protection

  • Training: to citizens, volunteers, teachers, students, staff

  • Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Aid

  • Civil Protection & Media: Information dissemination and interactions between the stakeholders and the media

  • Civil Protection - Insularity - Tourism

  • Civil Protection & People with Special Needs / Third Age

  • Civil Protection & Cultural Heritage

  • Economic dimension of disasters, crises, prevention

  • Civil Protection & GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Cross-border dimensions: International, European and Mediterranean Programmes & Civil Protection Synergies