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Conference information
Title SafeGreece 2020 on-line
Start Date 2020-10-14
End Date 2020-10-16
Organised by SafeGreece
Co-organisers - Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, NKUA
- Association of Greek Regions
Conference details

For 2020, the Conference on Civil Protection and New Technologies was for the first time held online, being one of the first fully online Conferences during the COVID19 pandemic period.

58 oral and 10 poster presentations by representatives of the Local Government, the scientific community, research, technology, central government, private initiative and Volunteering composed SafeGreece 2020 online. Remarkable was the participation of the delegates who attended the SafeGreece2020 works from every part of Greece and abroad. The Conference was enriched by invited Speakers from Italy and Israel and two Round Table discussions that enriched the content and attracted the interest of the delegates. Excerpts from the Conference were published on BLOD.gr by the Bodossakis Foundation.

Safe Greece 2020 on-line has been organised by SafeGreece, το Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Association of Greek Regions, and supported by the  την Region of Crete and the Hellenic Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation.

SafeGreece 2020 on-line Agenda

SafeGreece 2020 Proceedings' issue

Poster Presentation