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Conference information
Title SafeCorfu 2019
Start Date 2019-11-06
End Date 2019-11-09
Organised by Region of Ionian Islands
Co-organisers Ionian University, Municipality of Corfu, Chanber of Corfu
Conference details

SafeCorfu 2019 was successfully completed with a wide participation of representatives from scientific and research communities, operational bodies, local and central Government and Volunteer Organizations as well as actors specialising in Technology.

Including open thematic Roundtables on current issues, as well as training seminars by the Hellenic Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation and social events, SafeCorfu 2019, the 6th Civil Protection and New Technologies brought together old and won new partners.

Interactive and interdisciplinary SafeCorfu 2019 was the 6th in a series of Conferences on Civil Protection and new technologies that take place from 2014 each year in a different city of Greece under the "SafeGreece" initiative, enabling participants to exchange experience, know-how, opinions and ideas in 22 subject areas.

SafeCorfu 2019 was organized by the Region of Ionian Islands in collaboration with the Ionian University, the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Chamber of Corfu.


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