Announcement: Safe Greece 2020

As every year, we planned to organise our established annual Conference "New Technologies and Civil Protection", during the fall of 2020, this year probably in Thessaloniki .

However, the uncertainty still prevailing over the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to change, yet not to suspend, our actions.

For 2020, we are focused on avoiding a conference requiring physical presence. We are considering alternatively, the possibility of an online conference.

We will be back soon with an update

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ISSN assigned to SafeGreece Proceedings

ISSN assigned to the lastest SafeGreece (SafeKozani 2018 and SafeCorfu 2019) Conferences' Proceedings issues, already embedded in the uploaded files.

This ISSN will feature all Proceedings issues of subsequent SafeGreece Conferences.

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Safe Corfu 2019

Safe Corfu 2019

6th SafeGreece Conference on Civil Protection and High-End Technologies SafeCorfu 2019 to be held from 6 to 9 November in Corfu Ιsland, Greece.

More information soon at the Conference website,

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Safe Kozani 2018

Safe Kozani 2018 successfully completed

The 5th International Conference on Civil Protection and New Technologies Safe Kozani 2018 is completed with more than 130 presentations, a series of stakeholders participations from Greece and abroad, open Thematic Round Tables and a series of parallel events.

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The experience of media communication in Greece and the Balkan countries during the disasters
Author: Kalogiannidis Stavros

1. The development, improvement and establishment of a platform, within frameworks and standards of knowledge management systems for disaster and crisis risk

According to the World Bank, data on risk assessment and assessment are developed by the international scientific community and are considered sophisticated and complex. It is difficult to disclose them by non-technical persons. Therefore, the World Bank has focused on developing a communication tool combining the results of the risk model with infrastructure assets and socio-economic data. Thus, this tool offers a significant number of data in an easily comprehensible form (Sinha, 2006).

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