.:SafeGreece:. - Greece Flood Risk & Hazard Maps published (Directive 2007/60/EC)

Special Water Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (EGY / RIS) publicates the Flood Risk and Hazard Maps for all water districts of the country within the scope of Directive 2007/60 / EC "Assessment and Flood Risk Management".

The Flood Hazard Maps are composed for rivers, streams, lakes and streams included Potentially High Risk Zones Flood, as derived by the Preliminary Assessment. Thei completion of mapping these areas is particularly important, since they are investigating the possibility of flood occurrence, according to the following scenarios:
- Low floods probability of exceeding or extreme events scenarios (indicative repetition flood period of 1000 years, annual incidence of 1/1000)
- Average floods probability of exceedance (possible repetition period of 100 years, annual incidence of 1/100)
- High floods probability of exceedance, as appropriate (often floods: indicative repetition period 50 years, annual probability 1/50).

Flood Risk Maps reffered, where necessary, to other reasons, such as flooding from the sea or flooding from groundwater. These maps display the surface innudiated by the water, the maximum water depth, the maximum flow rate and information on arrival times and stay duration of the flood wave landmarks within the areas flooded.

Flood Risk Maps are describing the possible negative consequences associated with low/medium/high probability of exceeding flood and are formed on the basis of the following parameters:
· Indicative number of inhabitants potentially affected
· Types of economic activity of the area potentially affected
· Facilities likely to cause pollution of the surrounding area in case of flooding
· Protected areas, defined Annex V (par. A 1,3 5) of Article 19 of P.D. 51/2007 liable to be affected and
· Other information considered useful such as the indication of areas where floods with a high content of transported sediments and floods that may cause mud flows or landslides, and information on other significant sources of pollution.

The Flood Risk and Hazard Maps are available at the following specially designed website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy: http://floods.ypeka.gr.

Finally, the basis of European Commission environmental information (European Environment Information and Observation Network) has been respectively updated at the following link: http://cdr.eionet.europa.eu/gr/eu/fhrm.

Source: www.ypeka.gr



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