.:SafeGreece:. - Rhodes, Oct. 7-12, 2016, Management of Disaster Victims Debriefing Report
Rhodes Debriefing Report

A hands - on course on the Management of Disaster Victims was organized and took place in Rhodes (Greece) in the framework of the curricula of two masters degree programs by the School of Medicine and the Department of  Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in cooperation with the Municipality of Rhodes (Greece).

During the six-day course (2016, October 7 - 12) the School of Medicine focused on Mass Casualty Incidents and Triage
a) in a hospital emergency department,
b) at the port of Rhodes during a terrorist attack on a cruise ship,
c) at the Rhodes international airport during a major accident and
d) during a blast and fire incident in a hotel.

This report focuses on the parallel activities conducted by the postgraduate program “Environmental, Disaster and Crises Management Strategies” of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment. The main activities were:
a) evacuation drill and vulnerability assessment using state of the art technologies in the framework of the Emergency Planning for the Rhodes Medieval City,
b) seminar on the Psychology of Survival and simulation of a hostage situation and
c) computer simulation and hazard zoning during the airport major accident.

The report summarizes the context, planning, realization, outcome and conclusions of the activities, followed by an evaluation by the non-organizing participants and trainees.

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